Meon Capital Management

About Us

At the core of our investment ethos and central to our ongoing investment process at Meon Capital, is the understanding that our clients seek reassurance from us at all times, in all market conditions. We believe that market volatility needs to be effectively managed and that the preservation of capital during more challenging times is equally important as maximising opportunity during times of greater positivity. Our investment process is built and operated with the following principles and disciplines in mind and, we would be delighted to demonstrate how these will relate to the portfolio that you entrust to our management: –

  • We attest that measures taken to reduce portfolio volatility will lead to superior longer-term performance.
  • Disciplined asset allocation is vital in achieving appropriate levels of portfolio diversification, but a policy of allocating to certain sectors purely to “adhere” to industry benchmark expectations is potentially flawed.
  • A strategy that concentrates upon keeping ongoing portfolio costs and charges to a minimum where possible is key.
  • We operate within a global market. Many emerging economies have already emerged into areas of sustained economic strength and while domestic markets remain a large part of our focus, we are increasingly seeing opportunities arise from further afield.
  • Sound fundamental analysis and the avoidance of short-termism, particularly when selecting individual equity situations, are key to any successful strategy.
  • The study of price momentum assists greatly with one’s ability to maintain quality situations for longer and to alert one to changes that may signify the commencement of a period of sustained weakness, across asset classes.
  • Measuring portfolio risk on a constant basis and recognising that the risk level associated with all individual asset classes will change over time is important.
  • Your portfolio is your portfolio and it will be tailored to your own specific wants and needs, including any ethical considerations that you deem to relevant. We value your input and we are happy to discuss personal views and how they may fit within your risk and investment goal parameters.


Investment Management

  • At the Meon Capital, we take pride in providing a range of portfolio management strategies, that at their core carry an ethos built upon a disciplined, systematic and accountable approach to providing truly bespoke portfolios for clients who expect professionalism, attention to detail and an investment process that ensures constant monitoring of their assets. We never forget that this is your portfolio, you will be treated as an individual and that we are here to help you achieve your investment goals.
  • With significant experience of managing client portfolios throughout all market conditions, we are aware of the need to adapt and to remain cognisant as market cycles evolve. We view appropriate asset allocation as a fluid process and we use the same rules based, systematic approach when evaluating both what we buy for you and beyond that what we sell for you. We consider that efficient control of portfolio volatility is vital to longer-term success and where possible we remove emotion from making investment decisions. We study momentum across all asset classes and we want our clients to judge us and to be comfortable with our approach in all market cycles.
  • Whether we are managing a direct equity portfolio, a portfolio of collective funds, ETFs or investment trusts, discipline remains at the very centre of everything that we do.

Fund Management

In April 2022 we launched an OEIC (IFSL Meon Adaptive Growth Fund) that mirrors every element our investment process, to offer a focussed portfolio of individual global equity situations and on occasions ETF holdings, to provide a fund-based solution for those clients who favour a simplified alternative to our fully bespoke investment management service.
Our Fund prospectus and Key Investor Information documents are available below: